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Candida Auris Pandemic

 SuperBug outbreak & how to protect Yourself


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Stress makes you Fat Wrinkled & Dead


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Feb.16th2019 Interview on

Stress Makes you Fat Wrinkled & Dead

“The Donna Seebo Show”

The Secret to Longevity

Do you want to live for 25, 30 years more? There is a wealth of research proving that when people exercise properly and regularly, most will live lon­ger and healthier. Another equally important way to extend your longevity involves your nutrition.

Nourishing your body with nutritious food and nutritional supplements is essential for a long, happy life. 30 years of naturopathic health care practice in my outpatient clinic, and a doctorate in science has enabled me to understand how to create a superior formula with ingredients of top nutritional value. I created the most robust, lon­gevity formula that outdoes every product on the market overwhelmingly. Other makers may throw in stuff that looks impressive, yet they can never deliver the large amounts of the best nutrients like Prime Longevity.The scientific truth is that there is no other Longevity formula more potent than Prime Longevity. This blend is specifically designed to help stave off the effects of aging. It includes well-researched vitamin, mineral, and herbal compounds that can help you stay in shape both physically and mentally. It also helps;

  • Support joint health…
  • Protect your cardiovascular system…
  • Prevent cell damage that contributes to premature aging…
  • Promote optimal brain function… &
  • Maintain overall health and vitality…

To purchase Prime Longevity or for more info visit us at: or call 1-888-486-2842


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Herb Alley
NSRadioMar.30th2019Pt1 Utah herb alley,root canal,&

dental implants, Prof. Eliezer insight on practicing 40yrs+, diets for asthma attacks, proteins & carbohydrates, water with meals, cayenne pepper & heart attacks.

NSRadioMar.23rd2019Pt2 Liver Problems, canola oil is

bad for You, lipase & food enzymes, milk thistle, raw apple cider vinegar, dizziness, building hearing & eye muscles, ginko biloba & hawthorn, inner ear issues, echinacea, etc…..

book cover
NSRadio Mar.16th2019Pt4 Dr.Hana Solomon Pediatri-

cian, Nasopure,breathing through the nose,what we are breathing,nose wash & sinus cavity,solutions to use & kids.

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NSRadioMar.9th2019Pt1Al Garcia&doTerra Hospitals

doTERRA building new hospitals, paradigm shift in Helath Care,Prime Meridian Hospital in Utah intergrating oils in Health Care, Health Care Plans.

feeling down
NSRadioMar.2nd2019Pt2 Extended Colds, Hormone

Disruptors, Vaccines, Organic Food, Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet, increasing Raw Food consuption,